Best PPD Sites To Earn Money Online 2021 (Pay Per Download Websites)

The best PPD Sites list is going to be shared in this article. All those who want to earn money through Best Pay Per Download Websites will get the most popular sites list which we have tested personally. As it is not an easy task to test out every website for better results, we all get stuck at any particular PPD Website. But, they have no idea there are many other highest paying PPD Sites are available. So, throughout this post, we are going to make it easier for you to select the most benefit PPD website for you. πŸ™‚

Highest Paying PPD Sites, are what for which you are searching right? Here I am going to sharing the best PPD sites by which you can earn money. All these sites are fully trusted, genuine, and know as best pay per download without survey.

No matter what purpose you are going to use Pay Per Download Sites, but you always want to select the highest paying website, right? But, without testing out each of them, it isn’t possible to check which one of them is the best. No one has enough time to do such things. But, we have tested almost 5+ websites and decided to share the best pay per download websites with our readers. below, in this article, you will get a list according to their Value. Top sites are best and then their value is decreasing when we go down.


Website Link:Β

Up-4ever is a brand best PPD (Pay Per Download) site with paying from at least 3 $ to 8.5 $ per 1000 downloads, they will pay at least 3 $ per 1000 downloads, best functions, no survey needed for users to download.

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They are legit, there features:

  • 3 $ to 8.5 $ per 1000 downloads
  • No surveys needed to download for users
  • Payout just 1 $ (daily basis)
  • No malware or viruses in site
  • Good support

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Website Link:Β

DLUpload lets you upload up to 2GB for each file. We offer Steady servers with huge storage and network speed. Downloading and Uploading services in high quality and speed. Earn money from your files! (videos, songs, software, photos, drawings, articles, and others). All you will have to do is share your download links and bring downloads.

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You can use our free file hosting service to generate massive income. All you have to do is to register on our site, upload files, and share it with others. When others view your files, your account will start generating money automatically. DLUpload PPD program is the simplest program that allows you to earn every time your files are downloaded. DLUpload pays up to $8 per 1000 downloads depend on the downloader location. DLUpload counts downloads from all countries around the world with the highest rates. DLUpload counts downloads from file size 1Byte only.

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Payout Rates

These payout rates are based on per 1,000 downloads on your uploads.

2$ – Worldwide rate including Nepal, India, Pakistan, Philipines, and many Asian countries.

4$ – Tier 2 Europeans counties

6$ – USA, UK, Canada, Australia, etc

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Website Link:Β works under a model called PPD (Pay-per-Download) that allows you to receive payment depending on the downloaded files you have on this site. This is a safe way to not only to store your information, but it also allows you to earn a little extra just for doing it! There are many perks about uploading your files with Not only you will earn money with this platform, but you can also benefit from:

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  • The ad-free site that guarantees the users to download your files without annoying pop-ups or false links.
  • Use Your Referral Link: You can refer people and earn 10% of their profits.
  • Write an article about us (you can even use your referral link in it!) and earn $2.
  • Create a Youtube video telling about us and earn $5.

This is an awesome way to not only store your information, but it also allows you to earn a little extra just for doing it!

You will get an Ad-free site that guarantees the users to download your files without annoying pop-ups or false links.

Payment methods: PayPal, Bitcoin.
Minimum payment: 5$

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